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June 29: Holiday Camp Visit

People often ask me why I belong to the Kiwanis Club. You only need to look at today’s activities at Holiday Camp.
We probably had the best turnout we’ve ever had, and I think the Campers enjoyed having us there and sharing food and a tour of the grounds,

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June 22: Dual Meetings for Downtown Kiwanis and the Kiwanis 5th Divisional Meeting

We had a dual meeting last night at our weekly meeting. Our Club hosted the 5th Division Meeting.
Our guests included members from Downriver West Kiwanis, Wyandotte Sunrise Kiwanis, Dundee Kiwanis and Woodhaven.
Special guests included Lt. Gov. Barb Duran and Lt. Gov. Designate Sarah Kew. Suzie Cox Grizzle also brought her husband Gary as a guest.

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Kiwanis meeting of June 15th

There were no guests today so we went right into the agenda for today :
1. Katie Burroughs was inducted as our newest member today
2. There will be no noon meeting next week 6/22/16,because we have a 5th Division meeting at 6pm

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Annual Schedule of Events


  • Kiwanis Lottery Drawings
  • Community Meal #1


  • Mud Hens Game


  • Community Meal #2
  • ISD Valentine Dance


  • Peanut Sales at Monroe County Fair Parade
  • Wine Tour


  • Blood Drive
  • Special Olympics Bowling


  • Flat Rock Speedway Seating
  • Stepping Stones
  • POW Flags at River Raisin Battlefield
  • Officer Induction


  • Community Meal #3
  • Celebrate Children


  • Spirits of the River Raisin
  • Firefighter of the Year


  • Community Meal #4
  • Election of Officers
  • Special Olympics Track Meet
  • ISD Prom/Transition Dance
  • River Raisin Battlefield Flag Installation


  •  Chamber Holiday Parade
  •  Kiwanis News Magazine
  • Kiwanis Lottery Sales
  • Poinsettia Sales


  • Club 2017
  • Flat Rock Speedway Seating
  • Holiday Camp


  •  Ida Light Parade
  • Bell Ringing
  • Salvation Army Christmas Party
  • Poinsettia Delivery
  • World’s Largest Baby Shower
  • President’s Holiday Party

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Kiwanis meeting of June 8th

Our guests today were: Katie Burroughs and Dawn Widman
The agenda today included :
1. Jim Jacobs gave a report on Club 2016 and thanked those who came out to help
2. A thank you note was read from ISD for our help at their Prom

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Kiwanis meeting of June 1st

Katie Burroughs was our guest today and also turned in an application for membership
The agenda for the day followed :
1. Katie Burroughs had her 1st reading for membership today
2. Fire Chief Robert Wight was inducted into the club today
3. Sara Accardo gave a report on the final Community Meal that we serve this year and Thanked everyone for their support

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