Board of Directors

The Officers and Board of Directors are charged with setting and approving the annual budget, governing the club, approving new members and ensuring the financial stability of the club, among other tasks.

They are elected by the membership and serve two years per term. Their term begins on October 1, during the installation dinner. They can serve up to two terms before sitting out. The Treasurer and Secretary are exempt from this.

Board meetings are at noon on the second Tuesday of each month at the First Presbyterian Church. All club members are invited to attend.

Officers for  the Administrative Year 2017-18:

  •  President: Troy  Goodnough
  •  President-Elect: Nancy  Wain
  •  Vice President: Dale Stringham
  •  Secretary: Mike Weipert
  •  Treasurer: Deb Staelgraeve

 Board Members :

  •  Gene Jenkins
  •  Sara Accardo
  •  Jim Jacobs
  •  Jim Keegan
  •  Don Lutz
  •  Jerry Spence
  •  Suzie Cox-Grizzle
  • Dave Thompson-Past President

Past Presidents